We ensure you a reliable and fastest delivery for your document and small parcel to its final destination with the availability of services designed to meet your service requirements and budget. At the same time, we also provide the on board courier service for your extremely urgent shipments to its final destination.


airfreightWe ship your air & sea cargo in all over Indonesia as well as in the world simply by selecting our air or sea services that best meets your service criteria. Our team ensures you by delivering effective solutions that give you the peace of mind to concentrate on what you do best.


customsOur local customs clearance agents are experts in local specification, condition and regulation. With our local expertise in handling customs clearance, we can help speed up your shipment through customs.


log-distOur inland services come from extensive trucks fleet trailers and all other, provide domestic trucking services. Our dedicated team serves you for your moving need from packing to transporting them to new location with high level security.


277622_4282-mediumWe believe logistics is mission critical for your company. At SSJ logistics, we experience for some logistics projects and we guarantee you our domestics networks to provide speed and accurate for your logistics & distribution needs.


oilgasWe are dedicated to serving Oil & Gas industry by providing innovative solutions to the logistics requirements of the industry. Handling Oil & Gas material is not easy especially with constant updates for handling dangerous goods, we handle hazardous material to be packed and shipped according to Material Safety Data Regulations.


warehousingWe will ensures that your heavy and oversize cargoes receive top priority care they require, we will provide elevated level of technical expertise, making available total transport solution to ensure the best possible operational plan for your shipment.

SSJ Logistics Hotline

SSJ Logistics Hotline

Hunting: (021)-84900547 Customer Service: (021)-98275254

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